Squint out to sea on a clear day and witness:
My loooong body
All the way
Between two islands
Like signals travel:
     The sun that tells you when to go to bed
     Then white smoke in the mountains
     Then lights across oceans
     Then continuous copper connecting miles-distant operators, tapping
     Then calling
     Then light again, through microscopic tunnels.
Navigating networks
Never settling
Or grabbable.

Take purposeless circular steps
And idly peel back skin and rind
To reveal a Hollywood sky
Glowing from its grade
And living behind a sheet of glass.

Glowing from my grade.

The dirt has become dusty
Drying while I was asleep
And when I forget my gentle steps
It flies
To coat my clothes and make me cough

I should probably be lying down
Become a bridge
Rather than a tower
Optical illusions exaggerate my height
And narrow me
And I’m making that worse here
But it makes the island metaphor

The light affects me and I’m not myself
I’m ruder and slower and have less hours to spend.
My throat is closing
By the end of the day
When I’m talkative
I’m lisping

The sun in Athens made me sweat
But did me good
And now in winter’s London
I must be my own sunlight
From 4PM until I sleep
And so I shall

Between Two Islands (2017), Exhibited/Performed at 14th Cinema, 14/1/17