Welcome to Two Hundred to Naught, a tour by Tail Bend Travel.

Here we are at what is now the Lighthouse, a beacon to what was. It was built in 1898 to house Chubbs Locks and Safes following their many returns to Wolverhampton over the decades preceding.

Today we’ll be picking apart the history of locks in Wolverhampton. The esteemed Mr Chubb, as he is described in primary sources and our local imagination, is key.

Chubb’s locks were so secure that they were metaphors of impossible entrance in Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes – the stories mention them twice as clear clues to the thieves having entered through alternative means. The locks themselves were clearly unpickable – at least, at speed.

We left our jobs in London on Thursday, the factory closed, the doors locked.
We are expected at work here on Monday morning.

So let’s move towards locks with speed.
45min walking tour with live headphone voiceover.
Performed for Wolverhampton Artsfest 2018