Houserules of HAGE - A Contemporary Perspective

Video tour of and projector mapping installation in Rabih Hage's Furniture Warehouse, 2017, for Houserules of HAGE
Later performed as a lecture at Central St. Martins, 2017
We pause the footage here to note:
These numbers
In black and white
The camera pointed
And prompting me
to mark the date down
In my diary:

Tenth of the Twelfth Oh-Four

And I can see it now;

Where once were square miles of industrial units
And matching houses
An architecture
Brought by trains
But built for cars
Expanding the city
To the north west
There is now a single entity.

Come walk with me
Through the sky
And see if you can spot
Remnants through the shockproof glass
Of life before

Transit corridors
Matching the route of the north circular
Through hundred-year-old tunnels

Those concrete retail units
Were once the local businesses
Of local individuals

And western avenue
A deafening stream pre the pristine
Peaceful walkway of today

And there was never that much art here,
But look now!
Take a right and a crumbling red brick warehouse still stands here.

And passing through the gallery door
The glass sheen of outside is replaced
By a blinding white